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Healthy teeth that work as nature intended are crucial for a high quality of life and overall health. At The Fayetteville Dentist, we know people folks with dentures know what we mean.

There is no question that dentures are preferable to a completely toothless mouth, but they are not issue free. Your mouth performs numerous basic functions, each of which can be impaired by the inconveniences of dentures.

Dentures can make it difficult to chew and taste food. It’s embarrassing to talk when they are slipping around in your mouth and laughing can dislodge them entirely. They can even make it hard to breathe—and it doesn’t get more basic than that.

Even if you have had dentures for many years, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Dental implants are an exremely versatile substitute for dentures. They can be used to replace several teeth and/or anchor over dentures.

Dental implants from The Fayetteville Dentist can restore your smile, and restore your life. We have extended evening and weekend hours. We also have an office in Hope Mills. Schedule an appointment today.

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