Do Veneers Make Teeth Look Bigger?

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A well-designed porcelain veneer does not make your tooth look larger – unless you want it to. A veneer can correct many dental issues, and are available at The Fayetteville Dentist in Fayetteville NC.

Porcelain veneers are considered minimally invasive restorations. During the placement of some porcelain veneers, an extremely thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth.

Here’s a little veneer trivia: they’ve been used for nearly a century. As popular as they are today, the first veneers were used in the early days of the movie industry. A Hollywood dentist dreamed up the idea of veneers as a way of improving movie star smiles. It worked.

Veneers are ideal for teeth that have become discolored or stained. Years of drinking coffee or eating highly pigmented food may have left you with a dull, unattractive smile. Veneers are an easy way to brighten your smile. One of the great features of porcelain veneers is that they are largely stain-resistant. That means that once they’re in place, you don’t have to worry about discoloration, or having the veneers whitened.

Porcelain veneers are just one of the cosmetic dentistry options available from The Fayetteville Dentist in Fayetteville NC. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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