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We treat all of our patients royally here at The Fayetteville Dentist, but some of them receive actual crowns. We’re not talking about crowns a king or queen wears, but crowns for your teeth!

Crowns are a treatment for a myriad of problems:

  • To guard a weak tooth from decay, breaking, or to hold together a cracked tooth.
  • To cover and provide durability to a tooth with a large filling and little tooth structure remaining.
  • To restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down.
  • To beautify a tooth that is too small or misshapen.
  • To cover a tooth with extreme discoloration.
  • To add strength to a tooth following a root canal procedure.

Our dentists and lab techs have the experience, training, and expertise to make sure your crowns are produced and placed accurately. There are many different kinds of crowns that serve different purposes. We complete a comprehensive examination to ensure the crown you get is perfect for you and your smile.

We then prepare your tooth so that the crown will fit the way that it should. Once the tooth is prepared and ready, we use state-of-the-art tools to fit the crown on your tooth.

When done properly, dental crowns can last many years. Crowns from The Fayetteville Dentist are a terrific way to safeguard and beautify your smile. We also provide general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule a coronation today!

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