Teeth Extractions

dental extractions in Fayetteville NCAre you worried about a tooth that’s causing you pain? Come in to our Fayetteville dentist office to see what how we can help you! We will do everything we can to save your tooth, but if you need a tooth extracted, we’ll ensure your procedure is quick and painless.

Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

A tooth may need to come out for one of the following reasons:

  • Decay has spread deep into the tooth.
  • Too much of the tooth or surrounding bone has been destroyed by infection.
  • Your mouth doesn’t have room for all your teeth.

Our team is compassionate about our patients. We want you to have a good experience in our office. We can help you or your family member through their tooth extraction by providing excellent care and comfort.

have a tooth pulled in FayettevilleWhat Can I Expect?

Before performing a tooth extraction, we’ll administer anesthesia to the affected area. After the treatment is finished, the dentist will provide you with instructions to help your mouth heal quickly.

For the 24 hours following a tooth extraction, avoid smoking or drinking through straws. Use ice packs on swollen areas if needed, and the dentist will let you know which pain medications can increase your comfort. Eat soft foods for a day or two as well.

While you should continue to brush and floss your teeth regularly, avoid cleaning the teeth directly around the extraction area. You can rinse your mouth with warm water, but be gentle so the gum tissue can heal quickly.

Dry socket can occur if the blood clot is disturbed or removed. If this happens to you, call our office for further instruction.

If you are worried about the look of your smile after a tooth extraction, ask us about our dental bridges and dental implants. You can get back your full, stunning smile!

Convenience From Your Dental Team

We have a walk-in dentist, along with extended office hours. Call or come in any time to find out how we can help you get the treatment you need.